I needed to share with you. I had to wear the freaking mask for almost two hours, because of what I do. I had open heart surgery 23 years ago. I struggle, also part of my lung is gone. After this I was coughing like you would not believe. Took your silver the whole night and I felt normal by the end of the night. The chest pain I felt was awful. Then I was fine! Just want to thank you for the amazing work you do! Honestly I thought I would need to go the hospital. I have done other silver but took more time, yours was one and done.Thank vou!. (Saints Silver) — Lisa M.

I've lived with sciatic issues for 28 years now as result of injuries from a car accident. Did the back surgery and still the pain. I have noticed that I DO get relief with the Electrum—not complete but so much so that I can go on without the pain stopping me as it used to on bad days. It's minimized to a degree that I can function quite nicely instead of getting on the floor with legs up in a chair position. To me, after all these years, it is nothing short of a miracle!
Testimony 2. And now for my latest testimonial: My 84 y/o Daddy got hit with a nasty head cold last Friday night. I told my step mom to start giving him the silver until I could get some Zinc to him I started that on Monday and today he is back to feeling himself again! We are at his favorite thing to do all this week, a redneck traders event about 40 miles from home, brought the campers and sitting around a fire buying and trading self protection devices while we enjoy the great outdoors and each other!(Saints Electrum)— Love U!.

My dog is too old for a dental, I started treating her teeth once a day with the Purple Pet. It has just about healed her mouth completely. (Purple Pet)— Dawn G.

Everyone in my house including my parents got sick recently. Not me! I religiously sprayed your "silver and gold" up my nose and under the tongue and never caught it! Thank goodness they are all fine. Thanks Jas! I'll be ordering more soon! (Electrum)— Catharine C.

So many thoughts—lol 1. Love St. Solutions, used it on a 2nd / 3rd degree burn and it's healing nicely (never scabbed over like usual, just fresh new skin). 2. Had a weird eye thingy, swollen, itchy, red. Almost went to Dr. which I never go to, used the solution and it's nearly gone. 3. Since spraying it on my eye, I noticed an improvement in my facial skin Bonus. (Saints Silver)— Teresa A.

I just wanted to give you a quick shout out and testimony! For the last couple of trips to the dentist the right side of my teeth were very sensitive to the cleaning. However this past time at the dentist using the silver every morning swishing it around in my mouth I had no sensitivity during my teeth cleaning!!! (Saints Silver)— Jenny B.

I can't believe how my hip is pain free since taking the silver in the mornings. and I've forgotten to take it a few times. I had fallen on my left hip a few weeks ago when out walking pup (he tripped me) .. doc said I have arthritis in that hip (I'm 56 in a couple days).. I am so impressed with the healing & qualities of silver! Thank vou so much. (Saints Silver)— Genene H.

Dearest Jas (and your magical, loving Dad) I am so thankful for finding you and your healing waters. After months of on and off ear infections and sinus infections, etc, I can to the conclusion (because I know my own body) that that was not what I have been fighting. I believe it was an eustachian tube malfunction (which can happen as we get older). After receiving my last shipment and integrating Electrum and Magnesium into my daily protocols, I woke at 1:11 am this morning to a dam bursting. My eustachian tubes kicked into high gear. For the first time in months my sinuses are clear. My throat is not full. My ears and neck are no longer sore. I can BREATHE fully. My head is clear and my thought processes are back to normal. All in three days!! I take my silver when I arise. I take my Electrum after breakfast and after dinner. After I brush my teeth, I take my Magnesium holding it in my mouth for as long as possible and swallowing. (For my teeth and gums twice a day). And of course morning and night I spray the magnesium and Electrum on my face. Thank you BOTH for all you do for me AND humanity. It looks like I will be in need of more Magnesium and more Electrum two bottles each to stash in case the system crashes. No rush. Whenever you have another order going out. You can add two small bottles of silver or Electrum to my bill for someone who needs it and cannot afford it. (Electrum & Magnesium)— Susan W.

Jas— I am telling you straight up. I have Lupus I keep it controlled for the most part but lately my stress has been awful. One of my hallmark symptoms is severe fatigue. The other is that my mouth literally burst out in sores it happens over just a few hours. It's miserable. I just keep using the Mysterium the sores are now much improved and the pain cut at least 75%. For this I thank you and bless the Alchemist. Light and Love.(Mysterium)— Linda D